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Norm Peterson, an accountant, was a bartender’s best dream and worst nightmare rolled into one. He was such a regular customer, you could set a clock by him. Each time he arrived, he bellowed out a greeting to the entire bar, and received a shout of “Norm!” in return...Everybody definitely knew his name. Every day he sat in the same seat and guzzled down beer after beer. Unfortunately, they all went on his tab, which was the size of a city phone book, that was evident each time Sam lugged it out from behind the bar. Perhaps Norm is best known for what some have dubbed “Normisms,” responses he gave to questions asked by Sam, Coach, or Woody as he approached his seat at the bar. A sample exchange: “Coach: How’s a beer sound, Norm?” Norm: “I dunno.” I usually finish them before they get a word in.” Norm is also known for his often-mentioned, but never-seen wife, Vera.

George Wendt was born in Chicago, Illinois. Wendt began his career with Second City, Chicago’s famed improvisational company. In 1974, he was hired by the company as a professional satirist, and for six years he honed his skills as an actor and a comedy writer. A pilot featuring Second City players, Nothing but Comedy, brought Wendt to Los Angeles. He then went on to guest star in such television series as Alice, Soap, Taxi, Hart to Hart, M*A*S*H, St. Elsewhere, Cheers, and Wings. His role on Cheers earned Wendt six Emmy nominations. Wendt’s feature film credits include Forever Young, Guilty By Suspicion, Fletch, Gung Ho, Man of the House, Never Say Die, and Spice World. Wendt is married to Bernadette Birkett, who co-starred on the comedy series The Garry Shandling Show. They currently live in Los Angeles with their four sons and one daughter.

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